Methods of Communication

Achieving effective communication with your various publics depends on selecting methods of communication that will reach them. Consider your messages and your target audiences in selecting the most appropriate communication media. Here are a few suggestions.

The public

  • Community meetings
  • Newspaper articles and ads
  • Web sites/social media
  • Hot lines
  • Door-to-door visits
  • Radio and TV talk shows
  • Fact sheets
  • Fliers
  • Films, videos, and other materials at libraries
  • Direct mailings

Elected officials, opinion leaders, and activists

  • Frequent telephone calls
  • Fact sheets
  • E-mail
  • Web sites
  • Personal visits
  • Invitations to community meetings
  • News releases
  • Advance notices


  • News releases that focus on your message
  • Clear, informative fact sheets
  • Site visits
  • News conferences
  • Web sites
  • E-mail