What is New Media

New MediaThe term “new media” emerged in the late part of the twentieth century and refers to the many interactive forms of communication that use the Internet, including:

  • blogs
  • RSS feeds
  • social networks
  • text messaging
  • wikis
  • podcasts

The rise of new media, or social media, has increased communication between people all over the world from their digital internet devices (e.g. cell phones, computers). New media makes it possible for anybody to create, modify, and share content and share it with others, using relatively simple tools that are often free or inexpensive.

New media tools can help you:

  • CONNECT people with information and services. This includes connecting individuals with healthcare providers.
  • COLLABORATE with other people—including those within your organization or community.
  • CREATE new content, services, communities, and channels of communication that help you deliver information and services.

Today, government agencies, local health departments, medical providers and others are finding that new media helps them connect, collaborate and create information to serve their patients, stakeholders, peers and communities.